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Anita Wilson is a two-time GRAMMY® Nominee for her debut album "Worship Soul" (2012 Best Gospel Album) and her sophomore album ""Vintage Worship"" (2014 Best Gospel Album). In addition to co-producing her albums, Anita enjoys teaching and arranging background vocals. An E. St. Louis, IL native who for the majority of her life has been a Pastor's daughter, Anita appreciates all genres of music but some of her favorites are classic Soul, R&B, Gospel, Country, Hip Hop and Jazz. Anita is passionate about thriving in, learning & sharing knowledge about the beautifully ever changing & intriguing music industry!

What was your first live music experience?

I grew up in church. My Dad was the Pastor and he's also a singer and musician. So my childhood was filled with live music and family concerts. My first actual professional live concert experience was New Edition around 1993.

The quote I live my life by is…

"Balance is everything". I believe in getting the most out of life and learning lessons along the way. Therefore I think it's cool to allow oneself to have several different experiences without over indulging in things that are not positive for you. Balance is key. 

If you could write one new law that everyone had to obey, what law would you create?

Everyone must respect others and must not bring harm (physical or otherwise) to anyone. 

Why did you choose your profession? 

I greatly enjoy being a Singer/Songwriter. In addition, I am privileged to be a recording artist and traveling vocalist. There's a beautiful freedom when your art provides for you. This profession actually chose me and I couldn't be more grateful. 


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Hope that Grammy comes your way tonight!

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