Chicago - GRAMMY SoundChecks with Alessia Cara and Ruth B

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  • Jacklyn Krol / Stage Right Secrets
  • Jacklyn Krol / Stage Right Secrets

By: Jacklyn Krol, Chicago GRAMMY U Representative

GRAMMYU Chicago members were treated to soundchecks from Alessia Cara and Ruth B at the Know It All Pt. 2 tour stop at The Chicago Theatre. Members then got the chance to talk to them in a Q&A.

Alessia went over her daily routine, “You never live the same day twice” she tells us. Her day consists of pulling up to the venue early  to do promo and visiting radio stations through the day, then soundchecking, meet and greets, and finally show time. “Touring is more of a routine and everyday life.” Alessia explains.

Ruth B is new to the touring and recording industries, she told us that less than a year ago she was working at Marshalls but was always passionate about music. “You should be so passionate about music it should never feel like work” Ruth told the members.

Ruth and Alessia touched on creating their first album, Ruth’s set to debut “very soon”.  This is also Ruth’s first tour and even though it is only a few dates in, she’s been enjoying it. The two then go on to talk about collaborating with producers and songwriters and having the sound of your album remaining cohesive.

One of the biggest takeaways was Alessia’s insight on making careers, “It’s not what you say yes to that defines your career; it’s what you say no to that defines it.” 

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