Chicago - GRAMMY U SoundChecks with The 1975

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  • By: Jacklyn Krol / Stage Right Secrets and Shelby Dunn
  • By: Jacklyn Krol / Stage Right Secrets and Shelby Dunn
  • By: Jacklyn Krol / Stage Right Secrets and Shelby Dunn
  • By: Jacklyn Krol / Stage Right Secrets and Shelby Dunn

By: Jacklyn Krol, Chicago GRAMMY U Representative

The 1975 sold out Chicago’s Aragon ballroom for two performances in two days. GRAMMY U Chicago members were treated to a sound check with the band. Their tour manager (Name here Kristin? Brian?) was able to give the students insight into the touring aspects of the industry before going inside. The band’s stage setup was out of this world featuring an array of lights, equipment, and instruments. The band performed “Change of Heart” and “Heart Out” and even took requests from the students.

The band then did a Q&A where we went over visual aesthetics, set list creation, staying true to yourselves, and production. Drummer George Daniel went on to discuss changing up the show in respect to their set list. The band has over 35 songs they could choose from and they like to mix each show’s set list up.

An aspect that sets the 1975 apart from other bands is their stage set up and production. It took a while to create their aesthetic and they don’t plan on completely changing it anytime soon. Lead Singer Matty Healy explains “Our lighting designer is a genius and so we had a color scheme and knew that we wanted it to be principles of rock n roll but not like American rock with guitars. We looked at what our stage looked like from the view of an iPhone since that is where we get most of our press and people view it from.”  The band also touched on staying together as a band with its original members and not taking themselves too seriously. The band then answered questions from students and took a group picture. 

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