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  • Photo: Courtesy of Alex Stern
  • Photo: Courtesy of Alex Stern
  • Photo: Courtesy of Alex Stern

Alex Stern is a singer and songwriter whose lyrics and melodies create a pop/country fusion all her own. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Alex grew up proud of her Southwestern roots. Raised on her parents favorite classic 70’s records, she developed a love for music early on. At the age of nine she begged her parents to let her take voice lessons and started performing in community theater and on every stage she could find. She continued to enter local talent shows and at the end of high school she was selected to attend both GRAMMY Camp LA & Nashville. Little did she know, after attending GRAMMY Camp Nashville, a year later she would spread her roots to move to Tennessee. 

Tell us how you began your career in Nashville and why going to Belmont University has shaped your approach in the music business?
After attending GRAMMY Camp L.A and GRAMMY Camp Nashville I knew that one of the best things you can do if you want to succeed in something you love, is to show up, be present and have a good attitude. For me, traveling all the way from New Mexico to be in the middle of music city at Belmont was the most terrifying thing I had ever done. It is the absolute best decision I have ever made because it pushed me to get used to things that scare me. Belmont gave me the power of knowing the reality of the music business and the education to navigate it as not only an artist but as an entrepreneur.

As a GRAMMY Camp Alum, what is your best memory and what advice can you give to incoming GRAMMY campers?
I can genuinely say without a doubt that attending GRAMMY Camp helped to shape me into the songwriter and artist I am today. My favorite memories of camp were being completely uninhibited creatively but most importantly the friendships that GRAMMY camp brought to my life. To this day, I am still so close to my friends I met at camp and feel so lucky to be apart of such a special GRAMMY family. My advice to incoming campers would be to take in every moment and to learn everything you can from your mentors and other campers.

As an artist, what role does collaborating with other GRAMMY U members influence your creativity?
One of my favorite things about being in Nashville and a member of GRAMMY U is the sense of community. I feel so lucky to be able to have a network of creative and passionate people around me all the time. Collaborating with other GRAMMY U members who are artists and songwriters is an invaluable gift and one that always encourages me to grow creatively.

You recently released a new video “Runaways.” What’s the concept behind it and how was your process creating the video/song?
When we wrote "Runaways" both my co-writer Danielle Blakey and I felt so connected to the song, so when I was deciding to make a video, this song was the obvious choice. It was really important for me to make a video that was truly handmade, and was a complete expression of who I am and where I’ve come from. It was such a full circle, and life changing, moment for me as an artist, to be able to go back home, embrace my roots, celebrate my home state and allow people to see how much New Mexico has inspired my musical journey. My friend Randy Shaffer traveled home with me to shoot the video in New Mexico and it was the most incredible experience that I will never forget.

What’s the best part of being a GRAMMY U member?
GRAMMY U has shown me so many different perspectives and enablesme to be a part of  countless amazing experiences in the music industry that I feel so thankful for. The best part of being a member is knowing you are apart of a tight knit community of other people who are just as passionate, driven and as excited about the music industry as you are. 

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