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GRAMMY-nominated Rico Love is a songwriter, producer, recording artist and CEO of the Division 1 label under Interscope. He has written and produced hit records for Usher's "There Goes My Baby," Nelly's "Just a Dream," Trey Songz "Heart Attack," Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" feat Lil' Wayne and Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams," and has contributed to GRAMMY Award winning works such as Beyoncé's 2009 Best Contemporary R&B album "I Am... Sasha Fierce. Love was able to share his music industry knowledge and answer audience questions during an exclusive Live Stream -GRAMMY U Off The Record conversation at MAPS Studio in Miami, FL on April 21, 2015.

Radio personality Felisha Monet moderated the conversation, in which she asked Love questions that touch on the first song he wrote to his thoughts on the upcoming release of his debut album ‘Turn The Lights On’ out May 19, 2015.

Full of enthusiasm and passion, Love gave GRAMMY U members a look on how he started in the music industry, “I always knew I wanted to be in music, I just didn’t know how to express it. It took me awhile.” It was hard work and passion for his craft that lead to write ‘Throwback’, his first song that was featured in Usher’s 2004 ‘Confessions.’  He goes on to say that “After I got signed to Usher, I performed for Clive Davis and got a record deal. After I got a record deal, I didn’t hear back from Usher for 3 months. I went to his office every day, but he was never there. One day he ends up showing up and tells me to take a track and write a song for a beat that Just Blaze created. He thought I was going to write a rap verse, but I ended up writing a song (Throwback). That ended up being everyone's favorite song off of  ‘Confessions.’

That first song opened many doors and Rico has since written and produced records for artists such as Fergie, Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky, David Guetta, Wiz Khalifa, Mary J Blige and Michelle Williams. When asked how important is it for a songwriter to have an organic and natural relationship with an artist, Love said “I don’t believe that is necessary, I love being in the studio with the artist, vibe and get a feel of who they are, but I’m not friends with most people I make music for,”   He also mentions how important it is to be in the studio with the artist you are working with - “You look at how Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye and The Beatles created music, they took time, they were in the studio creating music.”

The question that was on everyone’s mind that night was “How do I get in the industry?” Love goes on to say “I can’t tell you how to get in the game. Everyone’s story is different. If there was one way to get in, everyone in room would be in! At the end of the day the advice I would give you is -every opportunity can turn into something great, take every opportunity you can.”  

After the conversation, Rico answered questions from GRAMMY U members who were in the audience and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. He told them that internships are the best way to get in the door as a college student and elaborated on the importance importance of being early and being professional.  

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