GRAMMY U x Lollapallooza 2017 - Behind The Scenes

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By: Medhan Abraha / Chicago GRAMMY U Student

On Tuesday, August 2nd, just one day before the streets of Michigan Ave was filled with joyous music lovers for the annual Lollapalooza festival, GrammyU members got to dive into an exclusive behind the scenes tour led by Marketing Director of C3 Presents, Patrick Dentler and Associate Marketing Director Tyler Dunson!

GrammyU members were treated to Q&A sessions where we met with members Tami Blevins (Artist Relations), Leca and Joe (International Properties) and Houston Powell (Talent Buyer) of the C3 production team.

On our first stop, we entered into the Artist Village area which was filled with tents and cabanas. Tami Blevins who manages Artist Relations spoke with us about what her day to day looks like during the festival. With a team of 100 people, Blevins communicates with every artist's tour manager to ensure that all needs are met. She explains how hospitality is a very important attribute. Their goal is for the artists to have a good time. As a member of the GrammyU team asked Blevins what hilarious requests she has ever received, she laughed and told us that no request at this point is a bad request. Artists are typically on the road for months at a time, so the goal is to have them feel at home.

Following our Q&A with Tami Blevins, GrammyU members spoke with Leca and Joe who organizes International Properties. Joe is the talent buyer/booking and

Leca organizes the brand marketing/ the business partner. Getting some insight into their day to day, they told us how they book artists for the Lollapalooza festival abroad. Their goal is to have bands from all different genres showcased in every festival, as Leca put it "Lolla is inviting to everyone."

On our last stop of the tour, we met up with Houston Powell who is the Talent Buyer for Lollapalooza. GrammyU members were filled with great insight on how artists are considered for placement on the Lollapalooza lineup. Powell gave us insight on how they consider artists, when they send out offers, how they keep up with the music and how they keep up with what is going to be "hot." Their goal is to have many genres represented every year.

Closing up our Q&A with Houston Powell, we got exclusive insight on what Houston and members of the booking team are looking for when searching for local talent in the Chicago area! As Houstin put it “get your local community behind you first, and that will create a buzz.”

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