Memphis - GRAMMY U SoundChecks With Judah The Lion

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By: Savoya Beidl  / GRAMMY U Memphis Student Representative

On Saturday, October 7, GRAMMY U members gathered at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, Tennessee where they were able to meet with the band Judah & The Lion. Soon after the students arrived at the venue, they were led to the main stage area to watch the band do their soundcheck. Judah & The Lion proceeded to do a full soundcheck. When the soundcheck ended, the band came to meet the students and begin the Q&A session. The session started with the discussion of how the band had came to be a part of the music industry. They talked about their individual history and how they came together in their college years. They also discussed their influences for their music, and by how being independent from a label, they have branded themselves and created their sound. The band then began to shed some light on what it really takes to be successful in this industry. After the Q&A, the students gathered with the band to take a group photo, and then made their way to exit the venue, carrying with them new insights on the industry.

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