Nashville - GRAMMY U Q&A With Paramore

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  • Photo: Acacia Evans

By: Blair Miller / GRAMMY U Nashville Representative

On October 17, 20 GRAMMY U students had the opportunity to attend a Q&A session with Paramore before their show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN.

Paramore began the Q&A by discussing their current album and what they did differently than previous albums. The band explained that there was a long trial and error process with this record, and that the trial and error period played a key part in their writing. They also told the students that they recorded the album at RCA Nashville, which was their first time recording an album in Nashville. 

After Paramore discussed their process for the album, the floor was opened to students to ask questions. One student asked what qualities the band values in a tour manager. The band agreed that they valued their tour manager because he is consistent, adaptable, and professional. They said that their tour manager has taught them to “rise to the occasion” and that their tour manager is their “rock.” Another student asked Paramore about the best piece of advice they received at the beginning of their career. The band said that the best piece of advice they received is that being an artist is not a sprint, it is a marathon. They said that they were advised to focus on the longevity of their career and to maintain supportive relationships. This question about advice segued into the topic of what Paramore has learned from being in the industry. The band said that they have learned that nothing is guaranteed. They also said they learned the importance of being authentic and treating people well. Another important point they brought up, and emphasized, to the students was to not let people mistreat you.

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