New York - GRAMMY U SoundChecks With The Weeknd

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GRAMMY U members entered the venue at approximately 3:15 p.m.  The Weeknd's team kept us informed as to when the SoundChecks would begin; therefore in the meantime, students got the opportunity to mix and mingle with each other.  At 4:15, the students were brought to the main stage to watch The Weeknd sound check.  He rehearsed two songs while the students watched in awe.  His voice was amazing!  The atmosphere was cool, too.  The stage lit up in various colors as the production team tested sound and lighting.  Once his sound check was complete, we were ushered into another room for the meet and greet.  The Weeknd walked in and greeted the students.  He was very warm and relaxed.  He wanted to know where everyone was from and what school they attended.  Students were then able to ask a few questions for which he was gracious enough to answer.  The students then received a nice surprise when he invited everyone to attend the show that evening!

The Weeknd had to leave to prepare for the evenings show but before he did, he took a group photo with the students. This was an amazing edition of SoundChecks and the students all raved about it post event!

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