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  • Photo: Courtesy of The Kimmel Center
  • Photo: Courtesy of The Kimmel Center
  • Photo: Courtesy of The Kimmel Center
  • Photo: Courtesy of The Kimmel Center

By: Alex Evans / GRAMMY U Philadelphia Student Member

Carol Riddick, Frankie Storm, and Carvin Haggins came together to discuss what comes with songwriting and the influence that Motown and the Sound of Philadelphia had on their careers and art. On April 18, 2017, GRAMMY U hosted their Business of Making Music in the Kimmel Center’s beautiful Rooftop Garden. Dyana Williams did an excellent job as the moderator, guiding the panelists through the discussion of their career and the importance of the impact that Motown and the Sound of Philadelphia had on them. Being well informed about the significance that Philadelphia had on the music industry, Dyana was able to educate the students even further.

The students that came out for this panel were immediately engaged in the discussion; it was very clear that this topic was of specific interest to the audience. The panelists spoke about the business of songwriting; something that many songwriters tend to forget. Frankie communicated her personal experiences with the business aspect of a songwriting career. Carol shared stories of her childhood to express her connection to the wonderful music she grew up on and how that transformed her songwriting career. Carvin chimed in with the important influence of this area and what became of the music industry thanks to Philadelphia. This event was very informative and inspiring for those who attended.

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