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By: Courtney Passikoff / GRAMMY U Philadelphia Representative

Philadelphia members of GRAMMY U headed over to Kaleo’s sound check at the Theater of Living Arts. The Icelandic rock band is currently touring North America in honor of their second studio album, A/B.

After members got the chance to observe this event just inches away from the stage, they were able to catch up with the band during an exclusive Q&A session. Kaleo discussed tour life, songwriting, and how far they have come since the release of their very first album in 2013.

The group admitted their writing process has undergone many changes over the past few years. They’ve traded in the luxury of a studio for the experience of the real world. Kaleo says much of A/B was recorded on the road. Though this process is exhausting, drummer, Davíð Antonsson notes that it has allowed them to pick up many special influences that they wouldn’t have gotten to meet at home.

They also spoke about their relationships with each other and how touring affected them.

"It's like having three wives and playing (music) with them." Antonsson explained.

They spoke of traveling and how it was just a job they were doing. When it comes to musical influences, front man Jökull Júlíusson says they have an extensive list of artists, Led Zeppelin being one of the keys. He even revealed that three out of four members of Kaleo have Zeppelin tattoos.

A/B represents a band with two faces. Side A serving that classic rock ‘n’ roll edge, while Side B showcases a delicate and more intimate sound.

It was interesting hearing the contrast of the music industry throughout different countries and how the band learned to adapt as they toured and traveled with each other. The students were able to discuss different aspects of the music industry than they usually do thanks to Kaleo’s experiences.

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