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By: Sandi Pogue / GRAMMY U Texas Campus Ambassador

 The tour began with Marshall, the tour manager leading  students into the venue, followed by a discussion with Joseph.

Natalie, Joseph band member, informed students about how the band got their start. She explained that her dad encouraged them to go on tour after they made their first record. She noted that her parents payed a huge role in their success, allowing them keep equipment at the house in order to focus on music.

Joseph stressed the importance of self-sufficiency as a musician. They also discussed that  labels will be interested in an artist if they  already have a following and are doing pretty well for themselves. They advised  to be cautious to accepting a record deal from a label,  and to see what they can do for you before signing  anything.

Each member of the band expressed that the music business is  not confined to many rules but flexibility is key. They also advised students to approach everything as a business minded person and to keep all of your receipts!

“Little did I know that when we started playing shows, we started a business!” –Alli Closner

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