About the Producers & Engineers Wing

The members of the Producers & Engineers Wing work together to shape the future of music recording. As a Recording Academy membership division, the P&E Wing advises the Academy on technical matters related to recording and also addresses matters of concern to producers, engineers, remixers, manufacturers, technologists, and other related professionals. What our members have in common is passion for both the creative and technical sides of recorded music. Whether it's rock, classical, jazz, EDM, rap, country, R&B, pop, or any other genre or style, P&E Wing members know that the sound of a recording helps communicate emotion and bring a song to life. As legendary producer Phil Ramone, a founding member of the Wing once said, “Our work creates the beautiful marriage between music and technology.”

Currently home to more than 6,000 members, the Wing is a nationwide network. Sound quality, development of new technologies, technical best practices, education in the recording arts, and advocacy for the rights of music creators are all part of the P&E Wing mix. If you are a person who is serious about making great music recordings, the Producers & Engineers Wing is the place to be.


Technical Guidelines for Producers and Engineers
Although the music industry’s transition from analog to digital has increased convenience and creative choices, it has also presented new challenges and problems. This fact has prompted members of the P&E Wing to pool their expertise and collaborate in volunteer committee groups that address some of these problems and offer solutions.

The guidelines linked below are the result of those collaborations. If you have comments regarding these documents please e-mail us at: pe.wing@grammy.com

Recommendations for Hi-Res Music Production
Recommendation for Delivery of Recorded Music Projects
Recommendations for Surround Sound Production


Session Documentation
Documentation is a critical part of any recording project. The following are examples of templates for documenting recording, mix, and transfer sessions as well as a suggested media ID label for hard drives, DVDs, CDs, etc. We hope you will find these tools useful to help provide the important information that should accompany your project from start to finish.

Media ID Label
Media ID Label Instructions
Session Document: General Recording Map
Session Document: Mixing
Session Document: Track Sheet
Session Document: Tracking
Session Document: Overdubs
Session Document: Transfers

Crediting Definitions
The definitions linked below explain which credits are eligible to receive a GRAMMY Award and which are not.

Producer GRAMMY Award Eligibility Crediting Definitions
Engineer GRAMMY Award Eligibility Crediting Definitions

Credits List
The Recording Academy and P&E Wing have created a recommendation document for basic crediting best practices.

Credits and Recording Metadata

Hearing Health Facts

Hearing Health Facts for Sound Professionals & Musicians


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P&E WING CO-CHAIRS (2017-2018)
Ed Cherney
Ann Mincieli

Jeff Balding
Ivan Barias
Ed Cherney
David Chesky
Greg "Stryke" Chin
Matt Hennessy
Ken "Duro" Ifill
Emily Lazar
Manny Marroquin
Ann Mincieli
John Poppo

Chuck Ainlay
Carlos Alvarez
Peter Asher
Roy Thomas Baker
Jeff Balding
Ivan Barias
Jeff Bhasker
Michael Bishop
Benny Blanco
Bruce Botnick
Eric Boulanger
Richard Burgess
T Bone Burnett
Ed Cherney
David Chesky
Joe Chiccarelli
Greg "Stryke" Chin
Mike Clink
Jimmy Douglass
Serona Elton
Geoff Emerick
Frank Filipetti
Chris Finney
David Frost
McKay Garner
Serban Ghenea
Bill Gibson
Steve Gillis
Alexander "Alex Da Kid" Grant
Michael Graves
Jeff Greenberg
Dave Gross
Dave Hampton
Matt Hennessy
Ryan Hewitt
Ken "Duro" Ifill
Scott Jacoby
Jimmy Jam
Rodney Jerkins
Leslie Ann Jones
Kevin Kadish
Bennett Kaufman
Om'Mas Keith
Thom "TK" Kidd
Kevin Killen
Nathaniel Kunkel
Emily Lazar
Eric Lilavois
Glenn Lorbecki
Bob Ludwig
Gavin Lurssen
Manny Marroquin
Niko Marzouca
George Massenburg
Sylvia Massy
Brad McCoy
James McKinney
Boris Milan
Ann Mincieli
Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell
Ryan Moys
Tre Nagella
Hank Neuberger
Phil Nicolo
Dave O'Donnell
Keith Olsen
Gary Paczosa
Morgan Page
Tim Palmer
Piper Payne
Elise Perry
John Poppo
Salaam Remi
Nile Rodgers
Susan Rogers
Michael Romanowski
Mark Ronson
Elliot Scheiner
Andrew Scheps
Eric Schilling
Al Schmitt
Marc Senasac
John Spencer
Bruce Swedien
Angie Tao
Zoe Thrall
Gebre Waddell
Don Was
Dion "No I.D." Wilson

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Co-Chair - Ann Mincieli

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