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Jammcard Presents: How I Got The Gig with Victoria Theodore on Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder

The Recording Academy and Jammcard Inc. have partnered to bring you the first four episodes from this season’s Jammcard Presents: How I Got The Gig. In this episode, Victoria Theodore shares how she got the gigs with Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder. She discusses with host Elmo Lovano stories of the auditions, the perfection and spontaneity of being on the road performing live, and the best lessons she learned working with each of them. Check back each week for new episodes of How I Got The Gig with Kendrick Lamar, and John Mayer. Also be sure to check out the first episode of the season with Morris Hayes on Prince



How I Got the Gig is an interview series produced by Jammcard, Inc. and hosted by its founder, Elmo Lovano. Elmo interviews music pro's as they tell the story of how they landed their big gig, and never before heard stories of those artists. Past guests have included Miles Mosley on Lauryn Hill, Brenda Lee Eager on Ray Charles, Josh Devine on One Direction, Nita Strauss on Alice Cooper, Adrian X on Drake, and Ray Luzier on Korn.


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