Camilo Landau On Playing With Pure Intent

Kitty Margolis

Simply put, Camilo Landau is a musician with a lifetime of experience under his belt. He has performed with dozens of groups and recorded extensively, working mostly in different styles of Latin music. Camilo is nominated in the Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album in the 58th GRAMMY Awards for his work on La Cuneta Son Machin's Mondongo.

What do you enjoy most about creating music in the Bay Area?
There is an incredible number of super-talented people. I know dozens and dozens of top-notch, professional musicians who play their butts off, read down any chart you throw in front of them, and have impressive resumes, yet are humble and down to earth. And I feel like I could call almost any of them for a gig and they would be down! What a great community to be a part of. The only downside to to that is that sometimes I go see a band that is so good I get saddened that they are just playing around in local clubs. They should be touring the world!

What especially stands out to you about your work on the release for which you were nominated?
I played some solos that I think well represent what I do, and they are thoughtful and intentioned. Each phrase has a deeper meaning embedded within it and comes from a concept of studying music, history, and sociology, taking all that information and mashing it up inside my brain and letting it come out through my playing. 

What were the first words out of your mouth when you heard you got a GRAMMY nomination for Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album?
No way!

Who and what inspires you?
The huge pool of incredible talent I'm surrounded by. The opportunity to create music for a living. The desire to change the world through music.

What is the best advice you ever received?
If you make music that you love; chances are there is someone else out there that will love it as well. So don't try to make music that you think someone else will like, make the music that you love. 

What advice would you give a music creator with a great recording regarding how to bring their work to the attention of the GRAMMY voters?
Be genuine and meet people with the real intention of becoming friends and people will be happy to listen to your work. If your work is excellent people will know. 

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