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The San Francisco Chapter is proud to support the 25th Pacific Voice Conference. We hope you can join fellow vocalists at this incredible event.

This event features didactic lectures and workshops on the care and science of the professional voice. Faculty come from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM) and from various other states in the United States. This event is organized by the Pacific Voice & Speech Foundation in cooperation with the SFCM, Santa Clara University, and the San Francisco Chapter of the Recording Academy. This event is also crowned by the Gala Performance titled “One Larynx, Many Voices” featuring performances by SFCM voice faculty and students as well as many outstanding US and international vocal artists.

One Larynx, Many Voices- Concert at 7:30pm
This concert crowns the XXV PVC. This Gala Performance titled “One Larynx, Many Voices” features performances by SFCM voice faculty and students as well as many outstanding guests vocal artists. The entire event is supported by the SFCM and by a grant from the San Francisco based Pacific Voice & Speech Foundation in cooperation with the Performing Arts Medicine of San Francisco and the San Francisco Chapter of the Recording Academy. 

​This performance is courtesy of all our gracious performers who have donated their time and their vocal instruments on pro-bono basis for this concert. The faculty of this conference and the organizing bodies express their deep gratitude for their dedication to the art of the VOICE and for the hard work these artists put forth on a day-to-day basis to provide the audiences with unprecedented vocal arts. 

The purpose of this performance is to demonstrate to the audience the marvel of the vocal instrument, its unlimited capability and capacity to create different styles and ranges of sounds. The sounds and emotions the human larynx can produce are simply astonishing. Performing even a short vocal piece takes endless training and control over 100 muscles. To keep this instrument in tune, health and training are vital and mandatory for all vocal artists. The PVSF and the SFCM are dedicated to the care and training of the human voice. This event underscores not only the richness of vocal art forms, but also shows that performing arts education must prevail so that world-class performers will grow and flourish in safety and in health. With these thoughts in mind, we bring to you this program.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music
50 Oak Street
San Francisco, CA

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