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How/When did you get your start?

I began playing the flute at around 7. I’m classically trained, but I began performing with bands when I was 20.


Is there an interesting project you are working on right now?

I’m in an indie band called The Family Crest. Our music is a blend of many influences – indie rock, jazz, classical, folk.


Where/how do you hear about new music?

I have several friends who always have their ears to the ground, looking for new music, so many times I go to them for recommendations. I find, though, that live shows are still the best for discovering new music. I always watch the openers.


What artist or band should people know right now?

The Family Crest just finished a tour with an incredible Estonian band called Ewert and the Two Dragons. Their music is fantastic! I watched every set they played on the tour. In terms of our local scene here in SF, I’m loving DOE EYE. Her voice is incredibly gorgeous.


What book would you recommend as a must read for someone?

Don Passman’s All You Need To Know About the Music Business. The title says it all, and he’s an industry veteran. It’s the best industry advice you can get for $15 or however much the book costs. I refer to it constantly.


Growing up, which artists inspired you the most?

I grew up listening to a lot of classical music and a lot of Motown, plus The Beatles, of course. When I was 15 or 16 a friend showed me Sufjan Stevens and I fell in love with his music. That was an important moment, because that’s when I became obsessed with indie music.


What advice would you give to a young artist just starting out in the music business?

My personal mantra is, “work hardest, play hardest,” which is pretty self-explanatory: put the time into your business and your craft. They are equally important.


What are your “secrets to success?”

Work really hard, be grateful for your fans, be honest, be humble, and never stop practicing!  


Who were your mentors early on in your career and what impact did they have on your experience in the business?

Mentors have molded my entire life. I’ve been really lucky to work with some amazing people in many different professions. My first mentor in the music business was a woman named Caren Kelleher. She’s still my mentor! Not only is she intelligent and incredibly savvy, she’s honest and sincere. Those qualities in combination are hard to come by in any industry as competitive as this one. I’m lucky to call her a friend.

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