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  • Marc Senasac and McKay Garner (kneeling, l-r)

On January 5, 2017, San Francisco Chapter P&E Wing Voting members convened in San Mateo for a playback and discussion session for this year’s nominees for Best Surround Sound Album. Hosted by SFC Governor Marc Senasac in the studio offices of his Sony PlayStation Music and Sound team, the listening session took place in one of the region’s most distinguished surround sound facilities.

Following a welcome from SFC P&E Committee Chair McKay Garner, Trustee Michael Romanowski—himself a nominee in the category for the 56th Awards—gave a brief overview of Surround recording standards. The group then floated between the facility’s two large control rooms for playback of the five nominated albums in 5.1 surround. Additional discussion topics included reference to the P&E Wing's Recommendations for Surround Sound Production and an introduction to this unique recording facility by our esteemed hosts. This event provides a critical listening environment and opportunity to hear these surround recordings as intended (and as nominated!) in a proper surround setting before placing the important nomination ballot vote. It also opens the conversation to expanding the use of surround recording and hi resolution techniques by those in the field. 

Sincere thanks to Marc Senasac and his team at Sony PlayStation for hosting and engineering, and to McKay, Romo, and the Chapter’s P&E Committee for facilitating and this annual playback session.

For a complete list of nominees in the 59th GRAMMY Awards, click HERE.

The GRAMMYs aired Sunday, February 12 on CBS.

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