UPDATE! Event Recap - Art Of The Craft: P&E Classical Recording Master Class

Brian Fox

  • Michael Winger
    Presenters Jones and Payne introduce the program
  • Michael Winger
    Thalea String Quartet performs for the recording demonstration
  • Brian Gibbs, SFC Member
    Both high- and lower-end microphones were used to demonstrate DIY classical recording techniques
  • Michael Winger
    Critical Listening breakout session with presenter Leslie Ann Jones in mixing suite one
  • Brian Gibbs, SFC Member
    Critical Listening breakout session with presenter Piper Payne in mixing suite two. Attendees rotated through three breakout sessions: one each with the presenting engineers, and a third to observe performance of a complete selection by the Thalea String Quartet.
  • Michael Winger
    Members of Thalea Sting Quartet and Presenters L to R: Christopher Whitley (violin), Kumiko Sakamoto (violin), Leslie Ann Jones, Piper Payne, Bridget Pasker (cello), and Luis Bellorin (viola)


Video of this program has been posted to GRAMMYPro.com! Get the full Master Class online HERE
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On Tuesday, September 22, 2015, local members of The Recording Academy gathered at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for an Art Of The Craft P&E Classical Recording Master Class hosted by mastering engineer Piper Payne and GRAMMY-winning producer/engineer Leslie Ann Jones. With the help of the Conservatory’s Quartet-In-Residence, Thalea String Quartet, Payne and Jones discussed DIY recording of classical music, including discussion of microphone selection and placement utilizing both affordable and high-end gear in the Conservatory’s Osher Salon.

After recording selections from the quartet (Beethoven, String Quartet Op. 18 No. 1 F Major, Anton Webern “Langsamer Satz” for string quartet, and Paul Hindemith String Quartet No. 4, Op. 22), Jones and Payne hosted breakout groups in two of the Conservatory’s adjacent recording suites for controlled critical listening sessions focused on the results of their gear selection and mic placement. After members were treated to Payne’s and Jones’ guided listening sessions—along with additional performances by the Thalea String Quartet—all gathered in the Conservatory’s Atrium Café for continued discussion, mixing, and mingling.

The Recording Academy San Francisco Chapter would like to thank Piper and Leslie Ann for their time and expertise; the Thalea String Quartet for their inspired performances; Sam Smith, MaryClare Brzytwa, Jason O’Connell and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for their support planning and hosting the event; and all members who were there to celebrate the “Art Of The Craft” that goes into making great audio recordings of classical music.


ladydiamondjazz@yahoo.com's picture

Wow! Awesome! I took 10 years of Classical piano training! Love it! 

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