Texas Chapter Board Spotlight | Andréa Villarreal

Texas Chapter

  • Andréa Villarreal, Secretary (Austin, TX)

What do you do in the music industry? 

Informally, I consider myself a “Defender of Rock” and occasional “babysitter of artists.”  Formally, I am an entertainment attorney and musician advocate.  I represent and advise a number of notable artists, festivals, music businesses, recording studios, and producers on all aspects of the entertainment industry, including copyright, trademark, contracts, business formation, licensing, publishing, and recording. My practice is unique in that I also handle estate planning and probate for musicians and artists.  Intellectual property is property that can be passed down by will or trust; however, it must be done very carefully in conjunction with copyright laws to ensure the future of an artist’s legacy.

What does being a member of The Recording Academy mean to you? 

The Recording Academy has been integral in my transition from musician to music attorney.  After years as a performing musician I decided that my skills would be better used on the industry side.  I decided to go to law school and became a member of GRAMMY U.  I made sure to attend any GRAMMY U event I could including the one where I met the attorney I later ended up working with.  Aside from the amazing and esteemed community that I have met through membership, The Recording Academy is THE voice of the music industry.  Through our advocacy efforts such as GRAMMYs in My District, GRAMMYs on the Hill in D.C., and GRAMMYs at the Texas Capitol, The Recording Academy and the Texas Chapter work to make sure that musicians can make a living from their art so that the industry can thrive (not just survive).  #FairPlayFairPay

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the music industry?

Be creative.  Make yourself stand out.  Don’t be afraid to work, read, and make mistakes – lots of them.  The industry is changing every day so it is important to understand that there is no roadmap to success.  Find your own way and do what feels right for YOU.

What makes the Texas music community so special?

“Texas Music” encompasses an incredible number of genres.  I love the history – the Mexican and German influences, the old Texas Dance Halls, and how they all come together and influence later generations of music.  There is no one “Texas sound” (sorry Nashville).

How do you spend your time when you’re not working on music?

I have a dream of being in such great shape that I can eat whatever I want and lift more boxes than the men in my office without injury, so I have been trying to get myself on an exercise regime.  I love playing with my bulldog puppy, spending time with friends and family, and spending time in the sun.

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