Texas Chapter Board Spotlight | Joseph Stallone

Texas Chapter

  • Joseph Stallone (Governor) - Austin, Texas

What do you do in the music industry? 

First and foremost, I am an attorney.  In that role, I handle deals, contracts, publishing, intellectual property, corporate matters, permitting, and litigation (if it gets to that).  I work with artists, producers, managers, recording studios, ticketing companies, and just about any business in the “music business.”  Most of my work right now, however, is with concert/festival promoters where I provide the legal support behind a number of mid-size (between 10,000 – 20,000 people in attendance) festivals across Texas including JMBLYA, Neon Desert, Mala Luna, Untapped, Lone Star Heritage Fest, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Sound on Sound Fest, and Float Fest.   But my work does not stop there.  Secondary to my role as attorney, I also serve as a strategist, confidant, counselor, advisor, and consigliere.  I’ve even been known to carry gear in to a show, set up tents, and pull kids out of the pit (anything to help my clients).    

What does being a member of The Recording Academy mean to you? 

To me, being an active member of The Recording Academy is a true honor.  The Recording Academy’s efforts in the fields of advocacy and education are second to none.   To be a part of something so impactful is extremely rewarding.  Additionally, every person with whom I have worked through The Recording Academy is at the top of their game.  Accordingly, whether I am working with such individuals and/or doing my part to represent The Recording Academy, I feel that I must be at the top of my “legal” game.  As such, being a member of The Recording Academy is a constant inspiration to strive for excellence in my work.

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the music industry?

I would say this, “Nothing comes by Chance.”  If you want something to happen, you need to make it happen.  In my experience, there is no such thing as luck in the music industry.  Hard work, dedication, perseverance, resilience, thoughtfulness, and a love for music are all requirements.  If you are relying on someone else to bring you success, you have already failed.

Tell us about the musical influences and inspirations that helped to shape your career.

Of course I have musical influences (although I am not sure that listening to Springsteen records has helped me be a better attorney).  But, my family was (and still is) the biggest influence on my career.  When I was a child, my grandfather would use his saxophone to provide the music behind a birthday-party game of musical chairs.  As I got older, my grandfather and I would play music in his basement studio.  My parents encouraged my passion for music and taught me that hard work really does pay off.  They also showed me that you do not need to abandon your ethics or your sense of “self” to be successful.   My better-half and my kids continue to shape my career by supporting my work (and the sometimes long hours that come along with it) and keeping me grounded.

What is one of the most important things you would want to impart on the next generation of music makers and/or executives?

Give back.  Almost everyone that has experienced some success (however that is defined) has had at least one person who served as a mentor, friend, or just someone willing to give a little good advice.  I think it is important that we strive to be that person for someone else.



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Thank you Joe for your support to our music and Academy community.

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